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bring sparkle and shine into your life with premium Swarovski chandelier crystal

Ordering & Shipping Information

You can talk to a real person when ordering or if you have questions (please read our FAQ below first), feel free to call us toll free at 1.877.642.6745, Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time.

Special Order Items

We can accommodate orders of any Swarovski crystal item, even if it is not shown on our website. Special conditions apply. Please contact us for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What does NA mean?

A: It means that you will have to order the minimum quantity as a special order. Special orders are pre-paid when the availability is confirmed, and the wait time may be up to 60 days.

Q: What does "AB", "Aurora", "Aurora Borealis", "Peacock" or "Bermuda Blue" mean?

A: It means the crystal has a coating on it. Its scientific name is a "thin film interference coating" and it makes the crystal sparkle and iridescent. The Aurora Borealis (AB) coating can be on clear crystal or on colored crystal. The coating can also be thicker, and result in a "Peacock" coloring (mostly green and pink tones) or "Bermuda Blue" (BB), (mostly blue and purple-pink tones). Not many hanging crystals have the "Peacock" or "BB" finish because the thick coating makes them unable to transmit light, thus they do not produce rainbows. However, they reflect light and sparkle like multi-colored diamonds due to internal reflections. Items in "Peacock" and "BB" are available upon special order, or in stock as Crosses, and small Feng Shui Balls.

Q: What does Mixed Colors mean?

A: Mixed Colors means you get a mix of colors that are available in stock in that size. For example, if you order a full tray of mixed colors, you will receive the quantity of a full tray, but with random amounts of each color that we currently have in stock. We try our best to make the quantities for each color equal.

Q: Do the Swarovski crystals come with their Swarovski box?

A: The larger cut balls 8550 and 8558 in 70 and 100 mm come with the foam box with Swarovski logo. All other items come packed in the most economical method: Swarovski plastic trays or paper. WE RECYCLE, so the cartons and wrap are all reused containers.

Q: Do the crystals have the laser etched Swarovski logo?

A: The Swarovski STRASS crystals have the logo. The
Swarovski SPECTRA crystals do not. Also, the specialty hangings and older stock STRASS items do not have the logo. Some of the darker colors (Blue Violet, Emerald Green, Bordeaux Red) are not laser etched due to the deep color. The logo is usually up at the top, near the hole and looks like a "fuzzy spot" unless you look at it through a 10X magnification loop.

Q: How big is a crystal in inches - I am not familiar with millimeters.

A: 1 inch = 2.5 cm = 25 mm (roughly)
A quarter is approx 28 mm which is the size of the Heart 8781/28 mm or the Star 8815/28 mm
A golf ball is approx 40 mm (see ball 8550/40mm)
You can take a look at our SIZE CHART

Q: There's a Swarovski item that isn't on your website. Can I still order it through you?

A: Yes, we carry the full Swarovski line. If there is something you want that is not on the website, we can special order it for you. However, there may be a minimum quantity on special orders.

Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

A: We maintain strict privacy procedures for your personal information and do not share or sell your personal information to anyone. We collect only information that is necessary to ordering such as company name, contact numbers, and shipping address, as well as payment information (although not online).